Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Paul is Stranger than Truth.

Dames is Grief.

T. J. O'Pootertoot
28 August 1969
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If you took Elvis Costello and stripped away all the musical ability and coolness, I'd be left behind. Surly ascerbic proto-geek, that's me. I'd be Charles Bukowski, but I'm too much of a lightweight; I'd be William S. Burroughs, but I don't have the slightest idea where to start looking for a smack connection. I content myself with collecting weird shit, starting hobbies, and complaining that I liked the Seattle sound before it was cool. I want to make out with Jane Horrocks before I die.

Thursday is "sex and violence" day on my livejournal, so if you're looking for titillation, that's probably the best place to look.
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